Sunday, January 13, 2013

Faith, Hope, and Love

My trusty jigsaw, and some beaded board..ready to be
turned into a work of art.  (it looks like a Black and Decker ad)

I cut strips of beaded board in various lengths, and then joined them
on the back with some paint stirrer sticks!  I also used some wood glue
between the strips (they fit together...tongue and groove)

After these were dry, I attached some porch banisters to the front
with some more glue and then clamped them.

Then I painted these words on the strips on the front.  I will finish it up, and
add a hanger, and it will be ready to go.  I will also add some hooks along
the bottom strip. fun, fun

I am still managing to throw a few more things together
before I leave for market.  I have more large, big ticket items
instead of less expensive, smaller pieces.  I want to have
a selection of each to better serve the customers!

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