Saturday, January 12, 2013

Wood Glue, Screws, and a Jigsaw

Had a great day making stuff!  I worked at the gallery,
but it was very slow, so I had a chance to work in the studio.
I put together a couple of things to take to Dallas

This is an old pair of oars that I bought years ago in Georgia.  I knew I
wanted to make something out of them, and this seemed a good idea.  I
had some help on this one...Nelson cut the beaded board and assembled it,
adding the hooks at the end.

Nelson also helped do this one.  That is an old pair of snow skis that I also
have had for years.  The 3 pieces of wood came from a dismantled dresser,
and again, we added some hooks.  Either one of these would make FANTASTIC coat hangers in a hallway.

Close up of beaded board and hanger, on the pair of oars

Now, this one combines some old and new items....the old  wood
with the chippy paint has been in my shop for at least 10 years.
I had an old door knob attached to it, and tried to sell it, and no one
ever even looked at it.  So, I took the door knob off, and added this
fleur de lis hook, and then hung it from a piece of banister that I just
bought in San Antonio last week.  Just keep hanging onto
never know what you might use it with!

I also bought this piece last week. Just added the hook and
burlap ribbon hanger...simple

My Suburban is already full of art stuff headed for Dallas, but
I hope I can squeeze in a few more of these.  I will be able to put some
things in the Uhaul trailer, and none of these are breakable.  They will
probably make it there somehow!  If there is something
that you want however, let me know, and I can leave it in
Louisiana for you...I am always ready to sell!

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