Sunday, January 20, 2013


I am still in Dallas at the gift market, and I have been selling
lots of cowboy and Texas images.  I wish I had brought more!
I sold these two today, along with some other boot themed pieces
to a woman who owns a decorative accessories and furniture business
near Austin.  She would like more pieces like this, maybe some windmills
and barns.  I will get some done, and let her know.

I also sold some of the chalkboards today, and have some interest in more
of them also from several clients.   I have given out a lot of brochures and info
to lots of buyers from gift shops all over the area, so I should see
some online orders in the near future.  They have also given me some
ideas about what they want.  I would like to come out here again in June,
and I will definitely have some more of what they are looking for!

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