Friday, January 11, 2013

The Art of the Chinese

I haven't mentioned much about the trip to China lately, so I thought I
would share some details.  The trip is scheduled for July 24, and it is 15 days.
We fly into Beijing, the cosmopolitan northern capital.  We spend 4 days
exploring there...walking on the Great Wall, crossing Tianamen Square,
and seeing the Forbidden City.  There will also be some free time in the city.

My sister in law gave me this beautiful Chinese Brush painting book,
and I hope to be able to paint some of the Chinese subjects while
there.  If you go, you can watch me do it!  This is a cute panda
painting in the book.  We leave Beijing and
board a riverboat cruise down the Yangtze River, where we
will see rice paddies and villages, and sail through
several mountain gorges and see some magnificent
scenery.  We are on the boat for 4 days.

Then it is on to Xi'an, where we will see the giant pandas (woohoo!), and the
famous terra cotta warriors: clay statues of hundreds of warriors that were buried, and have been excavated.  These warriors, along with the Great Wall, are two main things on my personal bucket list...check, and check. 

Another nice little Chinese painting from the book...I hope to do some
similar in my sketchbook that I will create during the trip.  I do
have a sumi brush that is used for this style of work, and I plan to
take it with me.  We travel to Shanghai at the end of our journey,
and spend time in this bustling city...taking in the
food, gardens, and culture of this fascinating place.

It is not too late to sign up for this wonderful chance of a lifetime...
to tour this mysterious and beautiful country, accompanied by
a professional tour guide, fellow travelers with a passion for
exploration and adventure, and several artists who will be painting
and sketching along the way.  You certainly do not have to be an
artist to go, and you can join us from any location.  If you
would like more info, just let me know.  I have 7 joining me so far,
but I would love to have many more.  There are 21 spots left in the group,
and if you are considering going, you should decide soon.  Any questions,
please feel free to email me or call.

Thanks!  318-628-3560  

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