Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Charmed by Boats

If I had to single out one experience that was my
absolute favorite while in Paris, this is it. This is
Allun and his handmade boats that he rents to
children at the pond in front of the Louvre in the
Tuilleries Garden. I just happened upon them,
and I was instantly charmed by the cherubic
children running and pushing the colorful boats
across the little pond, squealing with delight,
and entertaining us all.
I spoke to Allun at length. He told me he had
hand crafted the boats himself about 25 years
ago, and has been there almost every day since.
He wears the bright purple shirt most days so
the children can spot him. He rolls in the cart
loaded with the boats and poles, and sets up by
the pond, and waits for his daily participants.
He rents the boat and the pole for 30 minutes
for a few euros. He lets the child pick out the
boat..he says they always know just which one
they want.
I did some painting while there, and did some
sketches of the children as well. It was a grand
time; I had a peaceful smile on my face while there.
I am doing several other paintings of these boats
and children...will post soon.
Original Watercolor 3 boats 5 x 7 $25.00
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