Monday, May 4, 2009

Eiffel One

There have been many artists who have been
drawn to see its' many wondrous sites
and be inspired. I have felt that pull as well. As an
art student in college, I studied the Impressionists,
and so many others who had connections with this
wonderful city. I had always dreamed of walking
those streets, seeing those landmarks in person,
sketching and painting on location, soaking up some
of that atmosphere. And here I am....on top of the
Eiffel Tower! I was able to photograph it on the first
day of our journey, as well as make it to the top. I set
up across the river, and did this painting in my
sketchbook. A great start....I talked to many people in
Paris, and handed out many postcards, and I hope
some of you will be logging on here to see my work
from this trip..welcome.
Leave me a comment or two...I would love to hear from you.
Gail Shelton Artist USA
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