Sunday, May 10, 2009

Flower Markets

When we left the cathedral, we walked
along the river where these lovely
flower markets are. They are next to the
river, and offer an extensive variety of
potted plants and flowers...absolutely
gorgeous. The colors were vibrant, and
the variety was intriguing. I understand
there are birds for sale here as well on the
weekends...must be really amazing.
There is a video on www.geobeats that shows
these same markets. Just go to "Paris flower
market"; there are lots of others there as well
that feature other areas of Paris. Really neat.

I plan to do several large paintings of the
flower markets, and will post when finished.
I am still finishing up my sketchbook, and will
begin uploading it soon to do the published version that will be for sale. Let me know if
you are interested.
Paris Sketchbook $60 available June 09

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