Wednesday, May 13, 2009

St. Chapelle

If you are ever in Paris, you MUST go and see this
small chapel. It is a hidden treasure that is worth
the trip. It was built in 1242-48 by King Louis IX
to house a relic of the passion...the crown of
thorns. He acquired it in 1239 for a sum that
exceeded the cost of the chapel itself. (we all know
it was probably a fake...but he believed it was the
real thing, obviously!)
You climb a narrow winding set of worn stone steps
to reach the chapel, and are asked to be reverent and
quiet. Which is hard to do as you gasp, and exclaim
out loud, "how beautiful!" I was lucky to be there on
a sunny day, and the glass simply sparkled, and cast
lovely colored specs across the mosaic floor. I sat and
lingered awhile, just resting in God's promises and
"being still" in His presence...awesome.

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