Thursday, May 14, 2009

Wet Paint

Three new paintings of places I loved in Paris...
The first one is La Mansion Rose, a great little
cafe in Montmartre where I had the best meal I
had in all of Paris. It was tiny inside, and the two
waiters did a "ballet" to get everyone served inside
and out. Wonderful experience
The second one is the view up the street to Sacre Cour
in Montmartre. We stopped here and listened to our
guide tell us some of the history of the area. I took this
photograph, and knew I would paint it...
The third one is a flower shop (one of the thousands I
saw!), also in Montmartre (can you tell I liked it up
there... :)
I am working on some more, and I am also working on
the printed copy of the sketchbook...will keep you posted.
Original Watercolors 11 x 14 $150 each
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