Monday, May 11, 2009

A Little Monet

Who hasn't seen and admired a Monet painting? I
think he would be flattered that his images are on
umbrellas, sticky notes, and mouse pads....
We made the journey out to Giverny; Monet's home
during most of his lifetime. The home with the famous
gardens, and the infamous Japanese water garden.
When you visit, you are overwhelmed by the riot of
color in the gardens, and you begin to understand his
color selections, and his palette of blossoms. It is
breath-taking, especially this time of year.
You can begin to understand his fascination with painting
it; everywhere you turn, is a painting waiting to happen.
What a thrill to stand where he stood; to view it
first hand, and see what he saw. To sketch and paint
where he did... too cool.
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