Sunday, May 10, 2009

Our Lady

On my second day, I wanted to
go and paint the Notre Dame
Cathedral. It was a beautiful
morning, and I took a taxi,
along with two of my group. I
set up in front, and did this
small watercolor in my book.
Another young artist came and
sat beside me. She pulled out
her paints and pad, and just began
painting away. She told me she
was from Belgium, and was writing
and illustrating a children's fairy
tale. The setting was Paris, and she
was in town painting the landmarks
to be included in the book...I wished
her well, and happy painting!
I photographed the cathedral from every angle, and will do some
more finished paintings of it. I went inside, and they were having
a mass, and there was heavenly music playing, and voices raised in
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