Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Art of Home

Because I am an artist, people assume that I
have lots of my artwork hanging on my walls.
Someone this week was interested in what I do
have on my walls. So I thought I would share a
few. This top one is mine (the drawing in the
middle). This was an entry for the Ruston Peach
Festival poster contest years ago. I did not win,
but I like this drawing, and it goes with the antique
fruit crate labels.
This watercolor print is by Robert Guthrie, a New Orleans
artist. I love his work, and I bought this in his gallery in
the French Quarter before the storm. He drew the little
shotgun house sketch down at the bottom. You can check
out his work; I assume he is still painting.

This poster of one of VanGogh's iris paintings hangs
above our mantle. I traveled to New York for the
first time with my husband and daughter (when she
was about 12) to experience the city together, and
the Metropolitan was one of our stops. I bought this
poster, and I still love it. I have irises planted in the
yard, and they are one of my favorite flowers to paint
as well.

I do have some of my work hanging in the house.
But I love to support other artists as well. I know how
that feels, and I try to buy something from artists in
person when I get a chance. And I love the stories
behind many of the pieces. I will try to share some
more soon.
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