Monday, February 7, 2011

Flag Day

I have been working on these designs for some
flags. They are watercolor and ink, and then
the text is added on the computer.
Speaking of watercolor, I have been asked to
teach at the State YACA (Youth Art Council of
America) Convention next week. This is an
organization that we belonged to when I was
teaching art. The art students from all over the
state come together for 3 days of art and fun.
They bring artwork, a banner, and a scrapbook
to enter into competition with the other chapters.
They attend workshops, and do a demonstration
of an art project for all the members. It is a fabulous
opportunity for the students, and lots of fun.
I am supposed to teach watercolor outdoors on
location (weather permitting). I am getting all the
supplies together, and I will try to go to the location
to prepare what we are going to paint! The convention
is being held at Wesley Center down in Woodworth, LA.
It should be lots of fun.
I've only gotten one comment for the Valentine GiveAway...
so if you want to win, you can leave me a comment or email
to be entered in the drawing. Thanks!
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