Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Retreat to Paint

This is the view there on the grounds that we will probably
paint. There is a place where I am standing that the students
can set up (a concrete slab). I will now do a painting as a sample
for them of this scene. I will also demonstrate for them that day.

This is the beautiful Christ sculpture on the grounds. The egret is worshipping!

These are the dormitories. People were there for a retreat this week.

The main building of the retreat center. We will have the large group sessions here.

The Wesley Center is a retreat just south of Alexandria, LA.
The state YACA convention will be held here next week. I
have to do a workshop during the day for the students interested
in learning to paint on location! should be a hoot!

I snuck away today from the gallery late this afternoon,
and drove down to Woodworth, LA where this is located. I
needed to check it out before next week. A "good" teacher
is prepared! Now, I just need to check the long range
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