Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Eat That Frog First"

I found this great article in a trade magazine today,
and since a friend tells me I am so organized (not!),
I thought I would share it. There is a book by Brian
Tracy where he shares 21 ways to stop procrastinating
and get more done in less time.
Strategy #1: Eat the biggest and ugliest frog first.
The old saying goes..."If the first thing you do when you
wake up in the morning is eat a live frog, then nothing worse
can happen for the rest of the day!" The "frog" is the most
difficult item on your "to do" list, and if you get it out of
the way early, then that momentum will carry you through
the rest of the list!
Strategy #2: Apply the 80/20 Rule to Everything.
Develop an extensive "to do" list, both personal and
professional. But before you begin, ask, "How important
is this?" The 80/20 rule says that one item on the list of
10 tasks is worth more than the other 9 put together. That
should be the frog you eat first. Do the critical 20%.
Strategy #3: Pick 3 a Day
As you survey your list each day, pick the 3 tasks that you
would like to accomplish that day. Do not consider the workday
over until those 3 things are done. If you keep them at the
forefront during the day, despite interruptions, you will get
so much more accomplished.
I can be a procrastinator at times. I know many of them.
I do try to get certain things done each day. But from now
on, I will think of the frog meal, and hopefully, tackle things
in the right order. This info may be "old hat" to some of
you, but it was delightful advice to me. I hope you apply
it to your frogs starting tomorrow!
Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy
Article in SouthEast Marketing: Robin's Retailer Corner
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