Tuesday, February 1, 2011

For the Love of Cats

I was asked today to draw some pet portraits
of these two black cats. I have to do one of each
of them, and then a drawing of both together.
They are very similar in appearance; one has
longer hair and larger eyes. My daughter has
a cat that looks very similar to these. It is a
challenge to draw such black animals. You have
to add some color to distinguish their coats,
some blue, purple, white and grey.
This client is the same one that I drew the dogs
for before Christmas. She does not need the
drawings for awhile, so I will start on them in
a couple of weeks.
I had an interesting conversation today with my
neighbor. She called to say her cat was missing. She
called him "Socks" and said he was grey with white
chest and feet. She also said he had just started coming
up to the house, and she had been feeding him. But he
disappeared on Saturday, and she wondered if he was
over at my house. I told her I had not seen him. But then
I started thinking about the situation. I have a grey
and white cat, Huey. He stays gone all during the day,
and is usually the last one I put up at night. I am
beginning to wonder if he is "Socks" to his other family!
I will have to get to the bottom of the cat mystery....
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