Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Face Off

I am excited to share some of this student artwork
from the YACA convention. The quality of the work
was outstanding. I am always so impressed. The first
year that I participated with my students, we brought
some art for the show...just some conventional, traditional,
small paintings and drawings. I was blown away...and
realized we needed to step it up. These students were
there to compete!~ From then on, we brought some
more competitive and exceptional work.
I was asked to help judge the Senior High art, along with
another judge from Northwestern State University. It
was a tough job...but enjoyable nonetheless. These are
some of the winners posted above:
1. Large Portrait: a high school student painted this on
a very large was amazing. It won Best in Show
2. I loved this elephant. It is done in scratchboard, a
medium where the white surface is coated with black
ink, and the design is scratched off with a sharp tool. The
detail on this piece was impressive.
3. This is the first place winner in the drawing catagory.
It is white pencil on black paper. The expression is
wonderful, and the rendering was excellent.
4. I was so impressed with this piece. It is a self-portrait,
and includes some images of the student's interests, etc.
It is done in colored pencil. There is no way I could have
done this when I was in high school! It won first place in
the Graphics catagory.
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