Thursday, August 25, 2011

Crunch Time

It is just a little over two months till I have

to hang my Louisiana art show in the gallery.

I have lots of projects underway. The large

red swamp collage is just about finished. It

is drying tonight, and should be ready in the

morning. The stone coasters are an ongoing

project..these are being prepared to be glued.

The cathedral window turned out really neat.

I printed the image in 7 1/2 inch squares, each

1/6 of the original photo. I cut them out, and

then fit them behind the window panes, and

then glued them face down. That way the image

shows from the front side of the window. I am

going to attach some other elements...I have a

sterling cross that would look good, or I have

some other things I might attach to the glass.

I am still mulling the possibilities over! Will

try to post when finished. All of these pieces will

be for sale.

Swamp Collage 24 x 36 $250

Cathedral Window $150

Sets of Coasters: New Orleans, Swamp Set, Paris,

Venice, etc $12.00 for set of 4

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