Sunday, August 7, 2011

V Vaughn and the Beginning

Oil paintings by V Vaughn

August starts the 5th year of my blog. And I

thought I would give a shout out to who

helped me get started. I met the artist,

V Vaughn at an art show. She is from central

Texas...near some of my old stomping

ground. I absolutely love her work. She

paints in oils, which I have never quite

conquered. But the most interesting thing

about her for me was her blog. I had never

really heard of one before, especially an

art blog. At the time, she was doing a painting

a day, and posting them on her blog. After

reading and exploring hers, I decided that I

thought I could do one as well. And here I am,

still at it! Please visit her wonderful web page

and blog, and check out her lovely paintings.

v-vaughn art

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