Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nothing but Egrets

I finally got around to putting the

finishing touches on these two little

paintings. They will be included in

the upcoming Louisiana images show in

the fall. I will probably frame them.

They make a nice little pair of bird

paintings for a spot on your wall!

I am in the process of cleaning out and

organizing my art room at is

a mess. I am not the most organized

artist. The problem is I have too many

catagories of "stuff"....from materials

and tools, to reference books and photos

(millions of photos...), to equipment, to

artwork, to framing supplies, etc.... I am

not very good at figuring out a system to

keep it all in. But I am tackling it with a hopefully, it will all be together

and in place in a couple of days!

Thanks for the info about the flower. I

like the name..."passion". I guess we should

all have one.

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