Wednesday, August 24, 2011

An Organized Cathedral

I had the best treat niece,

who loves to organize things, came and

helped get my art studio at my home all

put away, labeled, and organized!! I am

very excited...I might just be able to find

something I am looking for. And she loved

doing it...go figure. I told her it hurt my

brain just to look at, and the thought of

getting it all straightened out, baffled me.

I am glad there are people in the world that

enjoy "order"...I am just not very good at

it! Thanks Caroline!!

Tonight, I am working on this photo of the

St. Louis cathedral in New Orlieans. I have

a six paned old window that I am going to

try mounting this on, so that it is divided

into the separate panes. We'll see how it

goes. Still working on the swamp collage, too.

Hopefully some final results tomorrow.

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