Saturday, August 6, 2011

Demo Practice

I may have mentioned that I am doing a

watercolor demonstration for the Bossier

Parish art teachers this Monday. As part of

the inservice, I am supposed to provide

for them ways to use watercolor with their

students. Since I will have to paint in front

of them, I thought I would do a couple of

practice runs tonight! And since, I am

traveling back to Yellowstone soon to paint

there also, I thought I would try two

different landscapes: a swamp and a beaver

pond in the mountains.

I have purchased some of the Stephen Quiller

supplies...some of his paper and paint. I am

very unfamiliar with the colors that he uses.

I may have to take mine that I am used to!

These two little paintings are done with the

new paint and will take some getting

used to!! So, I think for Monday, I will stick

with what I know best, and try to give the

teacher's their money's worth.

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