Sunday, August 28, 2011

Grace, Hope, Love, & Mercy

I have been planning this series for a

long time. I wanted to do some images

with the following inspirational sayings

on them:

Grace Amazes

Hope Rises

Love Abounds

Mercy Endures

I didn't know what images I would

finally decide to use. Today I tried all

these photos of white flowers: magnolia,

dutch iris, agapanthus, and lotus blossom

and I did them in black and white. I like

how they turned out. I will probably try

one other set of images (something more

masculine), and see what kind of feel that


This is the printing I arrange

the images on a 13 x 19 sheet of paper that

I use in my large format printer. I try to

get the most bang for my buck, and print

every square inch...that is why some are

square and some are rectangular. I will

finish them out in different ways. The square

ones are going on large tiles, and the others

will be matted and framed.

Flower Scripture Series Tiles $10 each

with easel $12.00 each (6 x 6 tiles)

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