Sunday, July 6, 2014

Birds and Blooms

"Ooooh, scary!"  This adorable little baby egret was terrified of me and my
camera!  I made it back down to the rookery this weekend...just to check
on these little guys.

Here are two siblings, not quite filled in with feathers!

And this is an adolescent bird...not quite all grown
up, but much farther along than the fuzzy little guys

More teenagers...

These young birds could not fly yet.  There were hundreds of them...hopping from
branch to branch, trying to get away from me

This was the oldest one I saw...almost all filled out.  He was ruffling his feathers in the
sun ...beautiful lighting.

And this is my latest project...a colored pencil drawing of some lotus flowers.  Just
getting started on this one.

I have been doing some artwork for I haven't
been able to post it (some of it will be gifts for certain clients).
I am always busy doing something...I just can't always share!
I will try to be better about posting more often.  I leave for
the Galapagos islands next week, so you will be able to some of
my photos and artwork done during the trip.  Can't wait!

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