Saturday, July 12, 2014

Turtle Shells and Bees

Sometimes I get asked to do the craziest stuff.  This is an  alligator snapping turtle shell,
and it is about 24 inches long.  The grandmother of the boy who caught it wanted to know
if I could paint on it.  I said I would try...I needed to see it first.  She brought it this week.

The boy is going to Texas A&M university, and she wanted me to paint rheir logo on
the turtle shell.  So, here it of the wierdest things I have ever done.
I delivered it to her today, and she was thrilled.  Now it is
off to College Station to find a home on the dorm wall.

And then I also repaired this yard stake today.  I wish I had made is so cute.
I just had to screw it back together and re-inforce it to be outside in the
weather and the wind.

So, the life of this artist in a small town is certainly never dull.  I also
repaired a 100 year old stained glass door this week.  It's all in a day's work!!

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