Thursday, July 10, 2014

One Photo, Two Photo, Three Photo, More!

I have been going through some of my photographs (thousands actually).
I am trying to delete some to make room on my little laptop for
more pics from Ecuador!  I found these along the way.

This is in south Louisiana along the road between New Orleans and
Slidell.  I have always loved boats.  And these shrimp boats have
so much character.  I can "see" them in watercolor as I look at them,
picturing how to paint each section, imagining what technique to use.
So, I am keeping these images, to be filed among ALL the others I would like
to paint or draw someday!!  I hear so many artists complain because they do
not know what subject to do.  They have no idea what their next
work of art will be?!  I have so many subjects, I will not live long enough to
do all the pieces I would like to do!

And here I to Ecuador in a few days to take some more!  Stay
tuned for those.

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