Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Passing Gently

This is the opening page in my sketchbook journal for the upcoming
trip to the Galapagos islands.  I wanted to set the wildlife theme right
from the start!  This is watercolor and ink...just a little sketch

I try to do a digital copy of my journals when I get back home, and offer them to 
the other travelers.  I didn't have time to do a real printed postcard this time, so 
I thought I would use this sketch and make my own postcards.  I added the text using 
Photoshop, and now I am printing them on 4 x 6 photo paper stock.  I can 
hand them out to interested patrons, with all my contact info on there.  
Maybe there will be some takers!

I found a beautiful quote today.  It was in a weekly art email
that I receive from Robert Genn.

"We can ask no greater joy than to pass gently through
this place that has been given to us,
and make something out of it.  Not necessarily to fully understand it, for that might be an
impossible task, but to honor it in our own way."

That really captures how I feel about this wonderful world that God 
has blessed us with. And the chance to go and see these marvelous 
islands, inhabited with birds and animals that live only there, is 
a blessing I am grateful for.  It should be a real adventure, and I 
am ready!


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