Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I love Boobies

Nazca Boobie

Blue Footed Boobie

My last post was from Quito, and the next day we left for the ship.  There is
no internet access aboard, so I was way off the grid!  But now,
we are back in Quito.

What an amazing place!!  We have had so much fun.  The islands are
teeming with birds, animals, and reptiles.  Since the islands are
protected and uninhabited, they are not afraid.  You can get
within feet or inches of most of the creatures.

These birds are the famous boobies that live there.  There are two species:
the Nazca, and the Blue Footed.  Here are pics of both.  They are
fisherman...they dive bomb into the water from far above as soon as
they spot a fish, and then tuck their wings and plummet.
We saw them everywhere...resting on the rocks, and leaving behind
their "boobie graffiti" as our guide called it.  Beautiful birds...even
comical.  So glad I got to see them.


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