Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Boxers and Books

I am a Signature Member of the Colored Pencil Society
of America. That doesn't mean anything to most of you,
but I was very proud when I achieved that honor. And
that is the front of the new book just released that features
one work by each of us in that group. My piece, "Girl's Day
Out" is included in the book, and it was so neat to see it
there. I think you can order the book from Amazon. It
contains some really impressive work.
And that is the progress I have made on the boxer tonight.
I haven't worked on it long..I snuck away for a break at the
movies. "Secretariat" is a real treat, very inspirational and
uplifting. It is very well done artistically, too, from the acting
to the cinematography. Go see it, you will enjoy it.
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