Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Go Green- Olive green

LCI Paper has some really neat paper products: blank
cards, stationary, etc. I ordered these 5 x 5 note cards
and I have been enjoying doing some different card
designs on them. These are some original little watercolor
paintings of some olive trees that I saw in Greece. I
punched out the lacy border with a Martha Stewart
scrap booking tool. I used some pen and ink for details
and lettering.
I had the nicest treat today. One of my favorite students,
John Nichols, came by the gallery today with his 13 yr old
daughter (he graduated in 87).
He wanted to show her some of my work, and
inquire about some art lessons. They made their way around
the whole building, and I could hear him describing and
explaining to her all he still knew about art, techniques,
design, and subject matter. It was so special. John was one
of the most talented artists I ever taught, and he went on
to major in art at LSU. He was also an outstanding athlete,
and still holds state records in the discus throw. But today,
he was a warm and devoted daddy, sharing his love for art
with his only daughter. I look forward to teaching her, and
sharing some of that love I have also with her.
A great day to be an artist...

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