Sunday, October 17, 2010


Here are a few pics of what we have done so
far up in the gallery. The top pics are of some
of the jewelry that is for sale..some I bought in
Greece and in Turkey. The beautiful gold, pearl
and turquoise pendant was purchased in the
Turkish bazaar. The cord is braided silk, and
there are some small gold coin earrings that
go with it. The other pieces are assorted glass
beads and silver.
The tote bag with the tree design came from a
company called Handmade Expressions. It is
one of those "free trade" organizations that helps
women in villages all over the world sell their
handmade items. I bought some scarves and
several different kinds of bags from them to
add to the exhibit. They are kind of "boho chic"
and go well with all the other artwork. (and I
like helping those women out)
The artwork is scattered around. I will probably
move some of the pieces some, but at least it is
all up in the gallery area! should be ready by the
end of the week...woohoo!
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