Friday, October 1, 2010

A Canvas and A Card

It's time for the September giveaway, and I have
drawn a's Sherry! so congratulations, and
you can come by and pick it up at the shop! woohoo!
This is a photo of a blank canvas that I finished
painting last night. It is 18 x 24, and is gesso, acrylic
paint, wood stain, and rubber stamp ink. I will go
on and use this as an original work, but I will also
use this scanned image to build some graphic
pieces in the computer. Photoshop provides endless can change colors, crop, layer text,
add photos, painterly textures, etc, etc, etc...! It is
such a different approach for me; I am just a trained
studio artist, and I have always worked in a traditional
realism style in studio mediums: pencil, ink, pastel,
watercolor, acrylic, colored pencil. But since I have
decided to pursue this licensing route, I am making
myself stretch into new territory, and it is so fascinating.
And fun.
The Greek show will be so eclectic. Lots of really new
and different plan to come. It will be interesting,
and hopefully, entertaining. And profitable!
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