Friday, October 8, 2010

Stretched Out

These are the photo canvases that I have been
stretching. I am almost finished with them. They
are turning out really well. They are always so
impressive. People usually think I painted them....
I always have to explain that they are photos on
canvas. Maybe I need to start just saying..."Yes,
I painted that. Good, huh? Almost looks just like
a photograph?!"
That is some of the Greek art piled up and
waiting to be hung, too.
We also have another project we are doing up in
the gallery for the show. We are building a beach.
Nelson is building a really large wooden sandbox, that
we are going to line with fabric and then fill with
sand. Add some rocks, and it will look just the
rocky coast of Greece (with a little imagination!)
We are going to hang all the seashore, boat, etc
artwork there and add some fish, shell merchandise, etc.
It'll be great. (I am saying that now...wait till we
have to clean up lots of sand...!)
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