Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Honey Heaven

I was flipping through the pages of my recent
copy of Southern Living magazine, and saw this
article and photo. One of my FAVORITE things
during my trip to Greece was eating Greek yogurt
and honey...mostly at breakfast. And here it is..
featured in the magazine! And I am enjoying it
again myself at home. Our Walmart recently
started carrying Greek yogurt (woohoo!), and
I have been drizzling honey, adding granola, and
thoroughly enjoying this special treat. Just a little
touch of Greece in my kitchen! So go out and
get some and try it.

These are some more collages that I have finished.
The matching pair are 12 x 12 and I added some
sterling silver discs onto them. I dismantled a pair
of earrings and sewed them onto the canvas. It adds
a little texture and interest onto the surface. I often
add some jewelry pieces to some of the collages. I
buy some at flea markets, garage sales, or raid my
own jewelry drawer, and use whatever might add to
the design.
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