Monday, October 18, 2010

Watercolor Trio

These are three little Greek watercolor greeting
cards. They are drawn with a waterproof pen, and
then painted. They are 5 x 7 and come with the
I am going to start working on some commission
pieces that I have to do for Christmas. I have 3
dogs, a grandpa, a toddler girl, and a couple of
teen girls to do. I am waiting on some supplies to come
in, and then I will get started. Should keep me busy
for a couple of weeks. If you are considering a
commission piece, you need to contact me asap!
I am sneaking away to Yellowstone for a couple of
days to take some pics and spend some time with
an old high school friend who is a photographer as well.
I am looking forward to is my first trip to the
park. I do plan to go again sometime, and stay longer.
This trip will give me a chance to learn the ropes, so
when I go back, I will be prepared. I am going early
in November, and will be back in plenty of time for
our downtown Open House!
Greece Watercolor Note cards $5.00 each

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