Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In the Spirit of Fruit

I received my latest copy of "Southwest Art" magazine,
and was delighted to see some colored pencil in the spotlight.
They sponsored an art contest for those over 31 years old,
and Cecile Baird won first place with her drawing: "Anyway
You Slice It". I also posted a photo of one of her other
outstanding pieces, "Juicy Fruit". I have had the pleasure
of seeing her work in person during several Colored Pencil
juried shows across the nation. I saw the banana piece just
recently during the CPSA convention show in California last
August. It was exquisite. As a colored pencil artist myself,
I am thoroughly impressed and appreciative of her skill and
expertise. I am so glad she won this honor, and I wish her
all the best.
I am continuing to work on the dog portrait, and will post
when finished. I thought you would enjoy seeing this other
wonderful work.
For info on Pet Portraits: email me or call the
gallery: Pea Patch Gallery 318-628-3560
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