Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Flower Photograph Evolution

There are some blackeyed susans down by the creek....

As I prepared to photograph them, I suddenly had some help from Huey

I tried a back lit shot up close...

Then, a different set up....

I wanted a blurrier background.....

And of course, the last one I took is my favorite!

I love blackeyed susans...the simple wildflowers that blooms along
our roads here in the South in the summer.  I had been wanting to
photograph some before they went away.  So, I stopped several
places along the highway (risking getting run over by a log truck!).
I wasn't able to get what I wanted, so I drove on home.  And then
I spotted some flowers right along the creek that winds through
our land, so I picked some and took them to the house.
I moved them around outside, trying different effects, etc,
(and with a lot of interference from a certain four-legged
friend).  I finally liked the very last one I took...isn't is always
either the very first one, or the very last?!

Hope you are enjoying a simple and beautiful summer where
you are.
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