Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sheep in a Row

watercolor of sheep in Peru

close up of the first washes

In Peru, I saw alpacas, llamas, donkeys, ....typical animals I expected to see.
But we did see some sheep also...the kind I saw in Greece.  Not that we
don't have sheep in Louisiana (we do).  But these were really cool,
and the lighting was just right.  This photo just "screamed watercolor"
at me, so I had to paint it.  So here are the initial washes of color,
blending golden yellow, purple and ultramarine blue.  After all,
you can't just paint them white...there is no white watercolor paint!
I will continue to add some details in their faces and their legs.
I will put in some foreground grass, and some kind of dark background
that will help silhouette their fur.  So, stay tuned, and see if
I can pull it off!

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