Sunday, June 3, 2012

Flower Woman Finalized

Cusco Market Flower Woman

I continued to work on this watercolor today.  I added
some more washes of color on her clothing.  Then I
worked on her face.  I put in the background last...
letting it overlap onto her clothes to tie them
together more.  I don't think I will add any more
details to the flowers; I kind of like them loose and
undefined.  I may work on her hands some more..they
are not quite right yet.

Watercolor can be very unforgiving!  That is one
reason a lot of artists do not care for it.  It is hard to
fix mistakes, and to "do over" some areas.  So,
you learn to do it right the first time! or learn
to like it the way it turns out! 

I still teach some watercolor classes, if anyone is
interested in learning to tame this medium.  Or
at least giving it a try!  Just get in touch with
me at the gallery for a schedule of summer
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