Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Working on the Sheep

I added the grass, their faces, and their legs!

A close up of their faces

Getting ready to paint the background

The blue violet wet into wet background wash

Letting it all dry

The sheep painting is taking shape!  First I added the foreground grass.  I chose
to do it in shades of yellow and gold, to help unify the colors already in their
wool coats.  Next, I finished their faces and legs.  After all that was dry,
I used the masking fluid to mask out all of the sheep and the grass, so I
could do the wet background. 
In order to do the background, I turned the painting upside down, so the water
would run off the top of the page.  I wet the whole area, and then
added some blue and violet watercolor, letting it mix on the page.
You can see it beaded up on the masking fluid. 
It will be dry in the morning, and I will take off the mask, and it
should just need a little tweaking.
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