Saturday, July 28, 2007

Chocolate Moose

I have been doing a series of drawings for several years now that
I call "Riddle Pics". These drawings contain an animal and an
object that combine to form a word puzzle or pun. You can see
more of them on my website: I have
been working on a couple of versions of Chocolate Moose, and this
is the first sketch for one.
These drawings are a lot of fun, and my viewers love them. I got the
idea after I had taken a computer graphics class where we had to
do a lot of communicating with images alone. I taught Gifted and
Talented Art for 20 years, and some of my creative assignments
involved drawing images like "apple of my eye", or "hit the nail
on the head".
The first "Riddle Pic" I did was "Animal Crackers", and then the
next one was"Birds and the B's". I have done over 100 of these
drawings, published them in calendars, and had several one-woman
shows with them. Hummingbird Lane Gallery in Dahlonega, Georgia
currently carries them.
People are always giving me ideas: if you think of one, send it to me.
It has to include an animal. I have a list of about 50 right now.
I will be working on more versions of this one for a couple of days,
so watch for more chocolate mooses!

Chocolate Moose original ink & colored pencil $30.00 9 x 12
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