Saturday, July 7, 2007

Tern Lake

One of the first places we stopped in Alaska was this lake, named Tern Lake. It was very still that day, and the mountain reflected perfectly in the water. There were a few terns skimming the surface of the water. They migrate to Alaska to nest in the summer. They choose a mate for life, thus the joke, "one good tern deserves another".

I enjoyed doing this small watercolor of the lake in these summer colors. While we were there, we met two young men who were riding bicycles from Seward (nearby) all the way to Seattle. They are probably not there yet!
Tomorrow I will be doing a painting from my Key West trip. I still plan to do a show later this fall featuring work from my trips to opposite ends of the nation.
Original Watercolor 11 x 7 $50.00
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