Tuesday, July 24, 2007

On Key West, they are known for
their celebrations of the sunset
each day. There is just something
special about seeing the sun set
over the ocean, and they revel
in it. Down at Mallory Square,
they have street entertainers,
musicians, and assorted tourists
and spectators all enjoying the
end of another day.
I enjoy watching the sunsets at
our home in rural Louisiana.
Right now, the hummingbirds
make frantic efforts at sundown
to drink the last drop from the
feeders before they roost for the
night. I can hear whipporwills
begin to call to each other, and
whitetail deer emerge from the woods cautiously. I always
try to thank God for another day, and know that I am one
day closer to heaven.
Original Watercolor 7 x 10 $45.00 SOLD
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