Tuesday, August 24, 2010

3 to 5 Veggies a Day

a couple more veggies....still working on some more.
I heard from another licensing artist today who is
helping me wade through these unknown waters...
She has already gotten a manufacturing contract!
How exciting! She told me that I will need to have
about 12 collections of around 4 or 5 designs, or
themes. I wrote down a whole list, and now I just
have to make myself work systematically through
them. That is so hard for me...I get pulled in all kinds
of directions.... commissions come along and side-track
me. Juried shows seem to call my name....my suitcase
beckons to me from the closet! I need to focus...need
to stay motivated...maybe if I can share the journey
with my friend, I will stay on track.
that's all for now...I have to go do the ironing!
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