Sunday, August 29, 2010

Santorini One

I am working on some of the art for the
Greece show coming up. This is one of
the famous blue and white churches on the
island of Santorini. I had seen photos of
these churches, and always hoped I could
take one myself. We were not on the island
long, and I was running around like a maniac
trying to get the shots I wanted. Luckily
there were several churches very close together. I
think this one is stunning in its' simplicity,
and a good subject for a Sunday.
The little bottle of masking fluid is a very
helpful tool when painting in watercolor.
Because there is no white paint, and the
paint itself is transparent, any white you see
in most watercolors is unpainted paper. The
masking fluid helps to save the white paper.
It can be painted on, and it seals the surface,
so you can paint freely around a certain shape
or area. When dry, you just peel it off, like
rubber cement. I will be using it on this piece
to save all of this painted section so I can paint
the ocean freely around it. We'll see if I can
pull it off!
11 x 14 original watercolors: $150.00
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