Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dog Intermission

Someone called today, and needed this dog
portrait asap for a gift by the 22nd. She emailed
me the photo, and I got it done tonight. It is
only 8 x 10, and she wanted pencil. I had done
two other dachsunds for her last year.
I finished this collage today, too. I added some
other columns on top of these, mounted with
foam core..making it dimensional. It doesn't
show up in the photos, so you will just have to
come to the Greek Art show opening in November,
and see it in person!
I sold some art over the weekend, and it is always
so nice to have someone want to own my work.
I sold a Paris photo collage to someone who had
just visited Paris, and wanted a gift for a fellow
traveler. And a long time collector came by to
browse and left with two to add to his collection.
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