Friday, August 27, 2010

Fun in the Sun

I have been working on these sunflowers tonight,
and I am almost finished. The pot needs a little more
work, now that I see it in the photo! sometimes that
helps flaws show up. Anyway, I will do some coordinating
designs to go with this drawing, and then print out the
sheet for the portfolio I am putting together.
( I guess the "focusing"is working!)
I have started some more Greece art, too, and will have
some of that to post tomorrow.
I matted the give-away pastel today, and it is on display in
the cafe if anyone would like to see it. The matted size is
19 x 16. I will draw a winning name from among the list of
followers. And I will do it on Sept 1, so there is still time to
sign up as a follower. If you have any trouble doing that,
you can let us know, and we can do it for you.
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