Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Color of Money

When I travel, I am on the lookout for paper
items that I can use later in collages. I pick up
printed materials, brochures, magazines, postcards,
money, stamps, etc. I make copies of them, and
use the copies in the collage. The copies enable me
to use the same images over and over. And I combine
them with my own photography and artwork.
This is an old Greek bill
that I purchased while there. I loved the design, the images,
and the color of the bill. I think the money
was called "drachma", but I don't know the
value of this one, or if the bills and the coins were
called the same thing. If anyone knows, feel
free to fill me in. I am making copies
of it, and will use bits of the torn images in various
ways. coming soon!
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