Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Greek Eucalyptus

Here's another Greece painting. This beautiful
old eucalyptus tree was right outside our hotel in
Naphlio. I took a late afternoon stroll down the road
and had taken this photograph. I loved the contrast
between the fluffy white blossoms, and the dark green
leaves. The lighting was not bad either. So I knew I
wanted to paint it when I got home.
I am using the "pour" technique again. I am only
using the blues and yellows this time, and they will
blend to make some greens. I used the masking fluid
on the blossoms. I used a very thin brush, and a toothpick
to make the skinny lines and dots. They will all be white
and I can paint freely over them as long as the mask is
on them. pretty cool...
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