Monday, August 9, 2010

Back to Greece

I am back from my recent little trips, and it is
time to concentrate on getting some original work
done for the Greece show this fall. I had started this
pastel before I left, and I have been working on it a
little tonight. It is the bay in Mykonos.

Welcome to any visitors from the Go Ahead Tours
blog! They have posted some of my photographs from
the trip on their blog. And I am excited about getting
some good exposure there. If you sign up to be a
follower of this blog, you can be eligible for free stuff;
I give away artwork once a month or so to a lucky
name drawn out of the hat. So, sign up...I would love
to have you join the journey.

If you are interested in group travel, I highly recommend
Go Ahead Tours. I have been traveling with them for
seven years, and I always have a great time. My next
trip will be to Machu Pichu sometime in the spring of
2012. Let me know if you might be interested in going
with me.
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